Stillwaters' "A Night with Greatness" The Watts Prophets and the Last Poets
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Stillwaters' "A Night with Greatness" The Watts Prophets and the Last Poets

It's been a good couple of weeks in the arts for me. Some great films at the Pan African Film Festival, a beautiful performance of Shange's "For Colored Girls" at CSU Dominguez Hills, and, last night, bun-bun and I caught "A Night with Greatness: The Watts Prophets and the Last Poets" presented by Stillwaters in Inglewood. At $25 a head presale, $35 at the door, it was a bit pricey for a poetry event, but I think it was worth it and clearly, a lot of other people agreed. The house was packed with conscious Black folk, not-so-conscious Black folk, not-Black folk, and almost everyone I know in the LA Black poetry scene, gathering to honor some of the most influential and prolific legends in our craft. Last poet Umar Bin Hassan gave as much entertainment and wisdom as his between poem-ramblings (My favorite, how he traced his honest joke about us all having a drug addict or a thug in our families back to the pain and trauma of the slave dungeons of Goree Island) as he did the poetry, even the true crowd favorite, "Niggahs are scared of Revolution." The Watts Prophets, all together, in complete synergy, energetic, and succinct, most impressed me with the timely piece, "The Net", which posed the question, who is the fisherman of the net we're caught in as we search the web? I will think of this every time I see the same ad following me to all of my friends' pages on Facebook, or msn articles shouting at me to find out some more about Kim Kardashian every time I log out of my email. What I loved about this piece, it shows that the Prophets are still writing, not resting on old laurels. It was an awesome night, making me want to write even more than laugh, cry, or reminisce. There was a time when I was on the poetry scene heavy, following the best writers to their features, slowly moving up on the open-mike list rankings, working constantly on my own stuff, and as much as I enjoyed last night, I was a little sad at how I have let life get in the way of my writing in recent years.

I want to give major shout-out, thanks and love to Fud4Thot and Socks for producing this amazing event. Not only are these good friends of mine who always come through when I want to bring them out to share their art with my students, they are just doing incredible work with the arts in our community. They have touched so many young, developing artists, myself included, spotlighted the more seasoned,
and brought generations together. I am deeply inspired! Make sure to check them out, Stillwaters, every last Friday of the month.

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