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Welcome to JD Quills!

Hello All,

I'm Jalondra, otherwise known as JD, and there are few things I love so much as reading, writing, thinking, and talking about everything I read, write, and think. I thought I'd let a few more people in on some of my thoughts about this world (as if my college students and my loving, patient partner were not captive audience enough!) I am a writer, scholar, dancer, performance poet, and educator with a firm belief in supporting Black business and Black arts and an interest in the empowerment of Black women.

Therefore, I am web-inking over my small corner of the net with my praise songs and critiques of African American-owned businesses in the Los Angeles area and of films and books with Africana characters, writers, producers, experience and/or themes. This is not about discovering the next new thing, just about giving a shout out or another look at the sometimes well-hidden gems in our communities and popular culture. If you know of a business, book, or production that you'd like me to review, just shoot me a line!

Look out next for my thoughts on Descent, crazy, thoughtful psychological thriller starring Rosario Dawson.

Hope you enjoy!

Love and Laughter,

JD Quills
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