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JD Quills Talks PAFF and Yelling to the Sky

Sometimes my students and I get into lively discussions about popular movies featuring Black characters. When I ask critical questions about the mainstream media and motion picture industry's embrace of certain images of African American people (Why did Zoe Saldana have to run around in her panties for so much in Columbiana, and what does the gum-smacking, loud-talking, dragon-nailed Black receptionist at the police station say about what the makersreallythink about Black women? Why so much financial backing, media promotion, and industry award attention to films like

JD Quills Reviews Descent, starring Rosario Dawson

I first heard of the film,Descent, at the 2010 National Council of Black Studies Conference. At a panel on popular culture and representation, a colleague presented an essay analysis of this moody, 2007 film starring Rosario Dawson, sparking an interest that I didn't follow up on until this Thanksgiving weekend. Needing to unwind after a day full of meetings with end-of-the-semester-anxiety-ridden undergraduates I picked up some guacamole hummus, tortilla chips, and two movies:Descentand BrownSugar

Welcome to JD Quills!

Hello All,

I'm Jalondra, otherwise known as JD, and there are few things I love so much as reading, writing, thinking, and talking about everything I read, write, and think. I thought I'd let a few more people in on some of my thoughts about this world (as if my college students and my loving, patient partner were not captive audience enough!) I am a writer, scholar, dancer, performance poet, and educator with a firm belief in supporting Black business and Black arts and an interest in the empowerment of Black women.
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