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"Mama exhorted her children to 'Jump at de sun.' We may not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground." - from Dust Tracks on the Road by Zora Neale Hurston


I am a Black feminist artist-intellectual and the author of BUTTERFLY JAR, a coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the 1992 uprisings. 

As a writer, I create poetry and fiction about social justice, love, and the lives, experiences, and perspectives of young Black women. 

As a scholar and educator of Africana/Black Studies and Critical Ethnic Studies, I research and teach about women, gender, sexuality, Black political thought, and literature and popular culture, particularly Black women's fiction and Africana speculative fiction.

As an arts activist, I use my nonprofit and PR background to support and direct resources to arts organizations that serve underserved communities, helping members of disenfranchised populations to develop their own creative voices, their own critiques, and their own celebrations of our world.

As a daughter, sister, auntie, friend, I recognize the value of all I have and all I know that can't be gotten from books, and who I owe it to. I try hard to look out for all my folks.

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